Flash Paper sheet

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You get 1 sheet of flash paper per pack approx size 9" x 9"

We have been producing flash paper for over 10 years, and only use the best chemicals and paper possible, and in return you get oustanding results, and our products are stocked by leading magic dealers around the world.


Are you happy with your flash paper? 

If you are happy, you’re more than likely buying from a Dealer that I supply. 

Have you seen other Magicians flash paper produce better results than yours? 

If you have seen better results, maybe it's time to CHANGE!!!


Our flash paper is perfect with any handflasher, flash gun, wand & any other device.

This paper burns with a brilliant flame without any ash.

You can write on this flash paper using a sharpie, ballpiont pen, pencil & and without slowing the flash paper down.