iZag illusion by Jamie Allan

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Available exclusively from illusioncraft


iZag is a full metal and aluminium construction, and contains no wood.

Each prop is loving handcrafted by myself, i don't have a team of people helping, this way i can be sure you're getting an amazing illusion ready to work out the case.


Easy to program with your own content and is an incredible blank page for corporate presentations.

The technology displays your content across both screens as one and can produce multiple items with the production of a person as the big reveal.

It can also be used as a stand alone illusion for the vanish and reappearance of your assistant in the round and with a digital edge.

It really is a stunner and incredibly practical, it will fit on your back seat when packed down.


You get everything you need, Tv's / Hdmi splitter.


Now for the boring bit...  the costs involved.

The illusion price as above, and once the illusion is ready to ship i will contact you regarding shipping, you are more than welcome to collect, or arrange your own courier.



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