Mark Kalin's Fire Spiker Illusion

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Mark Kalin's Fire spiker illusion


Illusioncraft are very proud to have been authorised by Mark & Jinger to build the fire spiker illusion.


By purchasing this illusion from illusioncraft, you will be given full performance rights direct from Mark kalin.



The girl enters the box from the top, then the 8 spikes are set on fire and slide through the illusion, and her real hand is visable as the spikes pass through the box, the illusion is then shown empty and the girl has vanished. the doors are closed on the illusion and then the illusionist produces back the girl unharmed and then produces a second girl.


The illusion also comes with a Aluminium rack to extinguish the fire spikes.


Please see below 2 videos of the illusion being performed.


Video 1: Sean Alexander going from illusioncrafts Blammo box straight into Fire spiker

Video 2: Matt McGurk going from illusioncrafts Fire cage straight into Fire Spiker (listen for the audience reaction with the second girl)


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