SpikeWrap 360 by Adam Topham

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Made to order, Approx time to build 3 weeks
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SpikeWrap 360, By Adam Topham


Custom design and Built by illusioncraft


Available exclusively from illusioncraft




Typically when the illusion is performed with a cardboard box there is always a weak point,  And that is that there is always one area of the box which is not filled with spikes.

Others have come up with remedy’s for this but SpikeWrap 360 contains a unique secret that overcomes this in a new and very clever way.



In fact it’s so good that all purchasers will be required to sign an agreement that they will not reveal the secret to protect all users of SpikeWrap 360.



Are you worried about hurting your assistant, as you want to thrust the spikes as fast as possible, while you are rehearsing, why not use clear wrap, so you can see them, and they can see you. 


Light weight, pack small plays big, start clean, finish clean, great angles, no costume limitations, Build it in a few minutes, can be performed with a spectator next to the prop, many presentational possibilities… practical strong and easy.



SpikeWrap 360 comes with:

The main unit, 16 wooden spikes, spike stand, pallet wrap holder.


Perfect for Cruising, Holiday parks & any show where you are short on space in your van. 

Packs down to fit in a suitcase, even the legs unscrew to make it smaller, see the photos



Deviously clever gimmicked method to allow the box to be shown with the spikes filling every single section


The illusion can be built up in under 10 minutes.

Weighs just 10kg not including the pallet wrap. 

The illusion is raised off the floor, so you can see all-around.

Wooden spikes really stand out against the black pallet wrap.

Spin the illusion 360, spikes on every side making it look an impossible illusion.

One roll of pallet wrap will cover the illusion about 20 times, and costs around £5.

SpikeWrap 360 has been tested to take 90kg or 14 stone.


SpikeWrap 360 size is based on a cardboard box size of 20" x 20" x 32" Or 50cm x 50cm x 81cm

I can make the illusion bigger, as some illusionists use bigger boxes, please contact me for further info.


Once you place your assistant in the illusion, they really fill the space, then illusion can be wrapped, making it impossible to escape, your assistant can then remove the locking pin, so you can spin the illusion 360 before starting to thrust the spikes in, or you could place the spikes before spinning the illusion, you have so many ways in which to perform the illusion.

How will you perform SpikeWrap 360


If you already perform the Cardboard box illusion, you won't need much rehearsal to perfect SpikeWrap 360.

TV rights available on request











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